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Polaroid - 1

Hey folks!

First let me say it feels a bit weird to be writing this blog. It’s been ages since I spent as much as a thought on my blog. Well that’s not totally true but you get the idea right?

Second I’d love to show you this picture I took of my brother and his family. This is (roughly) how it went down.

Simon Marijke en kids

At Christmas day we celebrated at our church and my sister in law had asked me if I could shoot a picture of them some time during our gathering.

Since I was taking pictures for our church’s site anyway I thought i’d combine the two and agreed.

During a break in the program she quickly winked me and off we went. “I’d like a white wall.” she said. We had several to choose from and ended up in a room where the elderly people were practicing a song. A little hectic and crowded which isn’t ideal when shooting. Let alone shooting little children.

To end all the fuss that arose I told my brother to go sit in the chair and he put my niece beside him. The sister in law leaned in with the little one and tried to make him look my way. I had checked my settings before, aimed, made some (hopefully) interesting noises to draw attention and shot a couple of pics.

They seemed content with what I got, so we quickly vanished from the room and went on with the celebration. All this went down in less than five minutes; the shortest shoot of my life.

After editing I was pretty happy with the result, as were they. What do you think? Would you have done it differently?

10|10 Circle June ‘Benjamin and Stephanie’


It’s the most wonderful time of the month. I’m talking about that time where I post ten of my pictures, then link through to the next person in our circle of happy photo taking and sharing. Unfortunately I missed last month due to ill planning from my side. But I’m happy to have my stuff in order for this round!

For this month I asked my brother and his girlfriend if I could shoot them. On beautiful Portra 400 by Kodak. As the name suggests, it’s made for portraits. Since I’ve never shot it before I was very curious as of how it would turn out. As you can see below it turned out pretty well and yes I’ve fell in love with this film. The look and feel of them are just amazing don’t you think? Lees verder

10|10 Circle April ‘Look at this photograph’

This month is about polaroids. I got some fresh packs in the mail and really wanted to see how it would turn out. Well, I’m excited I can tell you. It’s not that I shot the best pictures as in technically a good photo. But the look and feel and the fact that they make great memories, makes that I really love these shots. Now, these packs are quite expensive at twenty bucks for eight shots. So I decided to just shoot one pack instead of one and two shots of the second pack I bought.  Lees verder

10|10 Circle March 2015: A sunny afternoon


Recently, like … last Saturday, I joined a 10|10 circle with fellow Clever Cookie graduates. We post ten pics on the tenth of each month and then link up to one of the others in the circle. In this way you, the viewer/reader and us of course, can click through the circle en look at all of our pictures of that month. An inspiring and challenging thing to do but I’m so up for it. I really want to get into photography and develop some serious skills and routine. So that’s one thing I hope to get out of this circle.

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Holga is best cool. Ik denk dat ik dat wel zo kan stellen. Holga? Ja, een cameramerk uit China. Zij maakten van die goedkope plastic, lo-fi ‘speelgoed’camera’s in de jaren tachtig. Erg leuk ‘speelgoed’ kan ik je zeggen! Er zijn verschillende modellen en een aantal lenzen voor op een (D)SLR. The foto’s hierbeneden zijn met zo’n lens gemaakt. Deze heb ik op mijn Canon 400D gezet. Daarnaast heb ik een pinhole Holga. Zo gauw ik die foto’s heb zal ik die ook posten.

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A Family, A Van and Norway


Overview of the route we took – via Google Maps

Or maybe I should’ve called  this ‘Berries, a Crane and the Sea’. Because that’s what I’m about to show you. But there is a story to these pictures and that’s where the family, van and Norway come in.

The story goes like this. I’ve been on a trip to help a friend and his family move to Norway. Together with another driver I drove a big van with all their stuff up to Norway. We unpacked, stayed for the night and before the sun was up we were off, heading home again. So basically we’ve been driving for two days with a few stops, some hours on a ferry and a six hours night of sleep. In between that I tried to squeeze some photo-taking. Lees verder

50 mm

Spannende dingen! Mijn allereerste ‘echte’ fotoshoot. Niet dat ik nog nooit mensen had gefotografeerd maar een fotoshoot was helemaal nieuw. Spannend ook want hoe doe ik zoiets? Gelukkig ken ik Benjamin goed (hij is een van mijn broers), dat scheelt. Rustig beginnen, de camera instellen, een paar testfoto’s maken. Daarna proberen om een aantal aanwijzingen te geven om het beeld dat ik voor me zie ook te bereiken. Dit voelt zo goed! Ik ben zo blij dat ik heb doorgezet. Niet alleen is het weer daarna omgeslagen maar het resultaat mag er ook wezen. Credit voor het resultaat gaat ook naar mijn oom. In de eerste plaats was hij zo vriendelijk om mij zijn 50 millimeter lens te lenen. Daarnaast heeft hij ook voor een flinke dosis inspiratie gezorgd. Lees verder