10|10 September ‘Holiday in Friesland’


I’ve been wanting to get back into the 10 on 10 circle I participated in before. After wishing and wanting there’s the actual doing right? These ten pics are taken from a roll of Cinestill 800 I shot during our vacation in Friesland; a province in the Netherlands. It was out of date which gave some side effects with developing. Some colors are a little off and my nephew hasn’t got greenish spots on his arm. Lees verder

A picture…

Polaroid - 1

Hey folks!

First let me say it feels a bit weird to be writing this blog. It’s been ages since I spent as much as a thought on my blog. Well that’s not totally true but you get the idea right?

Second I’d love to show you this picture I took of my brother and his family. This is (roughly) how it went down.

Simon Marijke en kids

At Christmas day we celebrated at our church and my sister in law had asked me if I could shoot a picture of them some time during our gathering. Lees verder