10|10 October DIY wood wall


Hey everyone! I promised to participate in the 10-10 circle this month so here I am again. It’s been quite a stress to get this post up and running on time but I made it. Enjoy and don’t forget to get going along the, smallish, circle until you come back to my post. (It takes two so you can do this 🙂 )

For this months 10 on 10 I’ll be sharing a project that I finished quite a while ago. When scrolling my phone’s film roll I came across the pics I took of the process. I had this wall in my room that wasn’t finished. Pinterest showed me this wooden wall where you stain a bunch of boards and slam ‘em on your wall. I quite liked that idea so I got to work. This is how it went down.

I chose boards with a width of 8 cm so there would be a nice number of rows. These got chopped up in various lengths.

I mixed two colors in various ratios to create an even colorscheme. They also had to blend in with the floor I want to install.

I spent one week of evenings of staining multiple layers onto the board.

Two sample board with the two plain colors I chose to blend.

Then the weekend came and the fun part began. Half done half satisfied :).

A little bit of black paint was used to cover up holes in the boards. Works like a charm.


At some point you need to cut out some parts. My measurement skills were tested and deemed worthy.

Nearly finished. Just that top part where you can see a white line. On the floor is the electrical tacker I rented for the job. 

And that’s it. Done. I am very pleased with the results!

That’s it people. I hope you enjoyed this peek I my room. Maybe I’ve even inspired you? Do you DIY or not?


Also don’t forget to check out what Sam has been up to!

See you next month (or sooner)

Een gedachte over “10|10 October DIY wood wall

  1. Wow! You got skillz! That looks so good and I loved the pictures showing the process. It must have been so tricky getting round that radiator but worth it for the satisfaction you will feel every time you look at the wall! It looks so good! Unfortunately I am the world’s worst DIY-er so I delegate all DIY tasks to my husband!

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