10|10 September ‘Holiday in Friesland’


I’ve been wanting to get back into the 10 on 10 circle I participated in before. After wishing and wanting there’s the actual doing right? These ten pics are taken from a roll of Cinestill 800 I shot during our vacation in Friesland; a province in the Netherlands. It was out of date which gave some side effects with developing. Some colors are a little off and my nephew hasn’t got greenish spots on his arm.

So we recently spent a mid-week in a rented house with the family. I loved to be out there away from work and with the people I love. Enjoy this outtake of our trip and make sure to complete the circle however small it might be. To do so simply click the link at the bottom of this post.

Vakantie Friesland - 001

My dad (the most awesome one ever).

Vakantie Friesland - 002

And of course the most awesome mum.

Vakantie Friesland - 007

Cheeky fellow isn’t he?

Vakantie Friesland - 004

One of my brothers and his girl.

Vakantie Friesland - 006

My sister reading is a familiar sight.

Vakantie Friesland - 008

This little princess enjoyed the marshmallows and biscuits. I love how this picture seems slightly to dark but draws the attention to her face.

Vakantie Friesland - 009

Part of our family enjoying each other, the fire and roasted marshmallows

Vakantie Friesland - 010

I adore this guy. His attempt to try what he sees others doing are adorable.

Vakantie Friesland - 003

I told the family how hard I found it to shoot landscapes. Did I succeed? You decide…

Vakantie Friesland - 005

Another landscape pic. Overview of the area. We basically walked around these pools in a very big circle.

So these are my pics for this months 10 on 10. Please share your thoughts. I’d really like that. Check out Sam’s pictures next to go one step further in our circle. Enjoy!!

2 gedachtes over “10|10 September ‘Holiday in Friesland’

  1. It looks like a wonderful getaway and what great pictures. I think the film gives the photos a real vintage feel. And how cute is your nephew?!

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