10|10 Circle October ‘Our back yard’


Hey, I’m back. Finally, after three(!) months. What happened? I got a full-time job. Yay for me of course because now there’s more stability in my days and income. That’s very nice. But it’s also pretty shocking how few time there’s left to do whatever you want.

Enough about that, about these pictures… A few months back I shot a roll of Ilford HP 5 which is a black and white film. These were taken in our back yard to experiment with this film. I found that black and white is a bit trickier to use than colour. This is best shown with this first picture.20151010-01Spot the flower in the middle. Kinda hard isn’t it. Not when you saw this in color. It’s a purple against green leaves so pretty easy to spot. In black and white however these purple and green colors are practically the same shade of grey. This makes Black and white a sweet tool to learn all about tones and contrast. Besides that it just is so beautiful when you see a great black and white photo. Now I’m gonna shut up and let you enjoy the rest of my pics.


Bamboo sticks


Herbs in pots


Roof tiles and some cobweb


It had been raining quite a bit


Chimes are pretty easy to make yourself 🙂


Branches with leaf buds? This must have been in spring…


The family’s bicycles


Upside down basket


More stacked roof tiles

I hope you enjoyed these 10 pics. If you did, please let me know in the comments. I now leave you in the hands of the wonderful Ellen at Potential Psychology. This is a circle remember. So if you click through each post you’ll eventually get round and end up here again. Have fun and sprinkle some kindness when you look at all the other pics!

See ya next month with another 10 on 10.

17 gedachtes over “10|10 Circle October ‘Our back yard’

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  2. Love love love. B&W makes everything look like art. (With some added photographer’s eye of course). I loved your photos and pictured you lingering around the backyard snapping this and that. Congrats on the job and I hope things settle so you can still find time to do the things you enjoy. Like more gorgeous photos. 🙂

  3. Great shots and wonderful to see you back in the circle. I can totally relate to struggling to find time. My blog has been the same since returning to work full time as an Art Teacher this year. I loved all the shots but the raindrops one was the standout. Great photos.

  4. What a great idea to photograph features of the yard Erik. I love the water drops falling from the gutter. Great to see you in the circle this month. I’m looking forward to November!

  5. Hey Erik, leuk om weer eens wat van je te zien. Gefeliciteerd met je baan! Werken kost inderdaad een hoop tijd. Ik zit nu een jaar zonder werk, en ik merk wel wat ik daar voor terug krijg, namelijk een hoop creativiteit. Ik weet nu wel dat als ik weer een baan krijg ik dat niet meer ten koste van mijn fotografie wil laten gaan.
    Mooie foto’s, vooral die eerste dakpannen foto vind ik erg goed, spannende plaat.
    Grt, Ronald

    • Thanks so much Jo! It sure does give some nice results and I really like these pics. I’ve recently ‘discovered’ a downside to B&W though. I won’t be able to capture the beautiful fall colors we have at this time of year haha. Gotta use color film for that…

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