10|10 Circle April ‘Look at this photograph’

This month is about polaroids. I got some fresh packs in the mail and really wanted to see how it would turn out. Well, I’m excited I can tell you. It’s not that I shot the best pictures as in technically a good photo. But the look and feel and the fact that they make great memories, makes that I really love these shots. Now, these packs are quite expensive at twenty bucks for eight shots. So I decided to just shoot one pack instead of one and two shots of the second pack I bought.ย 

I love, love, love the look and feel of these polaroids. I mean, just look at the colors. It’s just as if you’re thrown back in time. Imagine us a few years later with a box full of polaroids and all these beautiful memories collected over time. That’s part of what I love about photography; documenting life and making memories.

Just a bit about the photo’s and then I’ll leave you to it. Last weekend we visited my brother and sister in law for Easter. Aunts and Uncles were more than willing to take Little Niece to the playground and enjoy themselves. She’s just that cute. So that’s most of the series, us at the playground. There’s a couple other shots as well and I hope you enjoy them.

If you want to follow the circle (and you should, it’s worth it) just click hereย and you’ll be send of to Lauren atย ‘Life at number five’. She’s gonna take care of you further.

Blurry Breakfast

Blurry Breakfast

Landscape at my brother's. Actually the sky was bright and blue.

Landscape at my brother’s. Actually the sky was bright and blue.

A tad darker wouldn't fix the sky. I should've known better...

A tad darker wouldn’t fix the sky. I should’ve known better…

Little Niece with her face in the shades.

Little Niece with her face in the shades.

Lil' Sis. Always happy to pose.

Lil’ Sis. Always happy to pose.

There she goes. Having fun for two.

There she goes. Having fun for two.

Family swing

Family swing

Mum working in the garden (which actually was the next day)

Mum working in the garden (which actually was the next day)

42 gedachtes over “10|10 Circle April ‘Look at this photograph’

  1. There is definitely something special about polaroid photos for sure. I love the muted colours and the old worldliness. The last four are my favourites and you have captured the essence of the moment:)

  2. I love the look of these! I was given a ‘new’ polaroid a few years back and I love taking pics with it but always forget to take it with me. You’ve inspired me to get it and put it in my bag for our next outing!

  3. Leuk om zo analoog bezig te zijn. Ik kreeg gisteren van een toerist een Fujifilm Instax mini 8 in handen gedrukt om een foto van hen te maken, een knots van een camera, met de ontspanner aan de voorkant, heel onhandig. Wel een gaaf resultaat! Maar niet zo old skool als jouw polaroids.

  4. Great photos Erik! I love instant film – at Christmas when my mom visited, we went to the Ogden Nash museum in New Orleans and they had an incredible exhibit of instant film – include one large format shot that was poster size. I didn’t know that instant film came in that size!

    I love that shot of your niece on the slide – and the one with your mom. Great job!

  5. haha! Found you! These polaroids are so awesome! It really looks like pictures from the 70’s, I love it! You’ve definately inspired me to get my hands on one. I saw someone use one at a wedding I was at last night, everyone was shaking their pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ve started a trend now for our little group! x

    • Yes you did Jo. Great! For me it’s so cool I inspired you to get your hands on one. These camera’s (Polaroid or Fuji) should be pretty easy to come by. Just google around a bit for info on different models (or you can ask me of course haha). Let me know if you got one?

  6. It reminds me of old pictures of me and my parents when I was a child. It was really fun waiting for the photo to appear. Do you still find some papers to put into this camera? I thought it was finished!
    Great shots! xx cathy

    • Thanks Cathy. And yes it real fun to have your pictures (almost) instantly ready. Film is available (again). There’s this (Dutch) company called ‘the impossible project’. They sell a range of sx-70 and 600 films for Polaroid cameras. Fuji still produces film for their instax cameras.

  7. These pictures look so old {in the best of ways!} That’s really amazing to get that effect! And here is me trying to embrace your world… Ik hou van je foto’s erik ! Een stap terug in de tijd inderdaad! Mijn favoriet pic is het รฉรฉn van je moeder tuinieren. Zo eenvoudig en mooi – I am trusting internet translator entirely and I hope I have not sworn at you ๐Ÿ˜‰

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