10|10 Circle March 2015: A sunny afternoon


Recently, like … last Saturday, I joined a 10|10 circle with fellow Clever Cookie graduates. We post ten pics on the tenth of each month and then link up to one of the others in the circle. In this way you, the viewer/reader and us of course, can click through the circle en look at all of our pictures of that month. An inspiring and challenging thing to do but I’m so up for it. I really want to get into photography and develop some serious skills and routine. So that’s one thing I hope to get out of this circle.

With a pretty busy schedule this weekend, time wasn’t on my side. But I really didn’t want to wait till next month to jump in. So when my sister asked me to go for a walk and shoot some pictures I jumped in. A chance for me to get a post going. We went out on a sunny afternoon during ‘golden hour’ so the light was very pretty. Also this was the first really sunny day in weeks of rain and cold wind so there were many people walking and cycling around. I guess spring showed it’s first signs today and lots of people were happy with that.

She was looking for some pictures to be able to use as example for her paintings (she does a great job at that btw). For my part, I really wanted to shoot some pictures with her. Shooting people and capturing who they are is what I love about photography.

In post processing I did some basic Lightroom editing like exposure, contrast and highlights/shadows. But only a little where necessary. I really hope you enjoy them and maybe have some tips for me. Maybe when I get some prints I’ll also get some black and whites. I really like black and white!

Don’t forget to check out Jens pictures at Pierced Wonderings and complete the full circle of link ups. Eventually you’ll end up here again and hopefully you had a great time watching all those lovely pics.



20150308-Henrieke-012 20150308-Henrieke-014 20150308-Henrieke-015 20150308-Henrieke-02220150308-Henrieke-027 20150308-Henrieke-028 20150308-Henrieke-02920150308-Henrieke-037

This last picture is a bit of a fun one. Imagine dirt flowing out of that pipe above her. That was the idea…

43 gedachtes over “10|10 Circle March 2015: A sunny afternoon

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  2. Nice pictures Erik! I like the soft light that we have now in march here. The sun is not strong yet and i think it makes beautiful portraits! xx cathy

  3. How awesome that you two enjoy each other’s company! I really like the 8th & 9th pictures of her – great job with those!

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